Let's face it, everyone likes playing dress up! One of the major attractions to a photo booth is the quality and quantity of its props. Your guests will be back at the photo booth time and time again to dress up and pose using our  photo booth props. We have the best props of any photo booth company. Our collection includes various masks, gloves, hats, and themed costumes. The list below is a sample of what we currently have and we are always adding to our collection. We will bring a variety of props to your event but if you see any props that you must have, let us know and we will be sure to include them.


Sign Boards

Say What? Move over chalk board, you are an analog sign living in a digital world! We are proud to offer the best selection of full color digitally printed photo booth signs. Each sign measures 5 inches by 10 inches and is printed on vinyl, mounted on a hard acrylic backing. These hilarious signs will be sure to entice you and your guests back to the photo booth time and time again. To make things even more fun, many of these signs also match our other props. These signs are exclusive to Instapix and is another example of how we strive to make your event as memorable as possible.

We can also make customs signs. Contact us for more details.