Social Media Kiosk

Let's get interactive! Use our social media kiosk to upload your photo booth photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let every guest with a smart phone act as your private photographer! Hooray!

Our Social Media Kiosk Let's You...

1. Upload your photo booth photos to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account as well as through e-mail or by text.

2. Instantly Print out photos taken and posted to Twitter or Instagram. 

Great for Weddings

1. Family and friends can't make it to your wedding? Create a unique Facebook page or use your own to upload photos from your wedding so they can follow it in real time! 

2. Wonder what everyone else is doing at your wedding? Let every guest act as your personal photographer! Get hundreds of photos from throughout your wedding day to add to photo albums of your big day. 

Snap, Tag, Print...It's as easy as 1,2,3!

Our hashtag printing service allows all of your guests the ability to print their photos at the social media station. Any images uploaded to Instagram with the specified hashtag will be downloaded and available to be printed at our social media station.

Step 1:

Choose a unique hashtag for your event (example: #andrewritawedding08)

Step 2

As your guests takes photos with their smart phones and post them to Twitter or Instagram, those photos are automatically uploaded to our social media kiosk.

Step 3

Your guests can print the photos they took from their smart phones directly from our social media kiosk with your customized logo. 


Filter effects are all the rage these days. You and your guests can choose from a variety of effects to enhance your photos before they are shared or printed.