Four Ways To Save


We know the photo booth competition is tight out there but we refuse the temptation to cut corners in order to offer a cheaper price. We, like everybody else, enjoy saving money therefore we have created a few money saving promotions while still being able to offer the same quality product and world class customer service. 

Schools-Do you need a booth for Homecoming? Sadies? Winter Formal? Prom? No problem. We got your back. We realize that schools are always on a tight budget therefore we are more than willing to work with you and the budget you have. If you make us your preferred photo booth vendor for the year (meaning you agree to book us for multiple events), you will receive a greater discount per event. Simply put, the more events you book, the more your school saves. Do your school a solid and contact us. We'll give you an offer you can't refuse! (I've always wanted to say that!)

Non-Profit Organizations-We believe that as a society, we need to help each other out. We are committed to helping out our community one smile and one pose at a time. A great way to keep your organization's mission and vision on the forefront of people's minds is to have a photo strip with your logo on their fridge. As a thank you for continuing to make our community a better place, we not only offer a 20% discount on all of our packages but we also sponsor a few non-profit events per year. That's right, a free photo booth at your event! Just give us a holler by sending us a request. The 20% discount is also valid on weekend rentals.    

Weekday Rates-Things get a bit slow around here on weekdays because most events are held from Friday-Sunday. If you have an event that is scheduled on a Monday-Thursday, take advantage of our discounted weekday rates. Save 25% off all of our packages! Period! No fine print, no restrictions, and best of all, no hassles!   

Price Matching-As the saying goes, "If I had a penny every time someone asked if we can price match...I'd be a millionaire!" The simple answer is yes, we do price match. However, please understand that not all packages are created equally. It's not as simple as "Company so-and-so is offering 3 hours and unlimited prints for such-and-such a price. Can you price match?" Please take a look at what they offer IN their packages. Some details to research: Do they charge for props? Template customization? Guest Book? Some booth companies are more slippery than a used car salesman (sorry to all used car salesmen). Many "options" that come standard with our packages are unique to Instapix such as our mini magnetic photo book and our digital Thank You cards. In the end, if you take into consideration quality, customer service, and our unique options, you will find that in most cases, our prices are already the best.